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Green City CeMuse Radio Features New 

Europe’s Greenest Cities: Vaxjo and Uppsala?

What makes a city green? That’s what we explore in today’s show. We take both the NGO and the Municipal approach to greenness and sustainability and explore the sucesses and challenges to both cities reaching their aspirations. This show is in both Swedish and English. Check it out here:

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plasticwaste CeMuse Radio Features New 

CeMuse Radio: How do we save the Baltic sea from plastics?

We’ve all heard that plastic waste is bad, but how bad is it? And what is it doing to our own Baltic sea? Our guests this week are Julia, from Race for the Baltic campaign and Alan Atkisson, founder of the Atkisson foundation, that brought the Out to Sea Exhibition to Stockholm at the Tekniska Muset in Stockholm: Together we ask and answer the simple question; what can we do about it? Learn more about the exhibition at:  Learn more about the Race for the Baltic initiative here:

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An Original Drawing by Gabby Winter Climate Action Features New 

An illustration by Gabby Winter “2050: The World is Burning”

The year is 2050 and the world is on fire. Some standards would call this pessimistic, and yet others would perhaps go so far as to call it optimistic. Either way, while the literal fire and even the time scheme may be unlikely, catastrophe and collapse seem more and more likely an end result. This image is the very first one I created using the app Sketches on my iPad. I was experimenting and did not have a plan as I was creating, but just went with it and this…

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