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Introducing Lively Air: The Battle for Cleaner Air

Lively Air

Lively Air is a company that helps people in polluted cities and
creates sustainable solutions to various challenges related 
to pollution by selling bottled air...

To raise awareness, we need to capture the attention of people. In order to do that with little resources, we have come up with an idea that will most likely be very newsworthy and we believe that people want to talk about our company because our product is so unprecedented.



We will begin by selling Finnish air to tourists visiting Finland

I believe that the symbolism of selling air will make people stop, at least momentarily, to think about what is going on with our air and climate. Majority of people, for example in Nordic countries, acknowledge the dangers of climate change and know that it is happening but they forget about it in their everyday lives because they don’t experience it daily. I believe that there are a lot of people who just need to stop and think, to start acting for a cleaner future.

We hope to launch new products next year related to clean air. We have plenty of ideas of products that would help people in polluted cities, but those products require a lot of research and development. Our capabilities to research and develop are quite limited as we are a very small company with limited resources. The success of our souvenir project will determine a lot of our possibilities in the future. In case we can create a clean air brand with a lot of recognition, we are certain that we’ll be able to find the right partners for successful future ventures.

There are a lot of possibilities for companies in helping people in polluted cities. For example there is a huge problem with fake respirators especially in Asia and a lot of people use respirators that don’t filter any pollutants. According to WHO, in 2012 8,2 million deaths were attributable to air pollution.

We take our corporate social responsibility very seriously. We raise awareness about air quality problems but we also strive for a negative carbon footprint. We will make reports about our carbon footprint regularly and use the reports to strive and achieve a negative carbon footprint. We donate at least 0,2 – 0,5 $ for every bottle we sell to organizations protecting the environment and fighting pollution problems. In the beginning these donations go to planting trees which directly offset our carbon footprint. We also hope to save some for a fund which gives funding based on applications.


Jouni Aura, CEO of Lively Air

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