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Fashion is Front and Center at Arts Exhibit in Uppsala


This past week, Kollaboratoriet, a venue in Uppsala for events based on sustainability themes, was taken over by “Follow Me Through Fashion Land”, a multimedia exhibit on the pitfalls of fast fashion. Combining arts and communication with traditional sustainability concerns of environment and economy, the exhibit guided more than 80 guests through the unintended consequences of careless consumerism.

Throughout the May 17 exhibit, creators Julia Fahlman, Hanna Andtbacka, Hyejin Choi and Aimée Kampschöer were on hand to field questions about the exhibit and to direct guests. In the early evening, the four women also led a formal discussion on the exhibit, their experiences creating it, the fashion industry in general and the problems fast fashion creates.

Stay tuned for a longer feature piece on this eclectic exhibit and its 4 creators in late May or early June.

View a trailer for the exhibit here:

Trailer created by the Follow Me Through Fashion Land team.

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