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  Uppsala Students take a minibus down across snowy Sweden, through Germany, France and Spain until they reach their destination: COP22 in Morocco. Check out their thoughts, the sounds and the sustainability of their trip towards climate justice! With Flo, Laila and Harvie taking the wheel, welcome to the Podcast “Flo Ridin’ To Morroco!”   Download here: flo-ridin-to-morocco-day-1   This podcast is part of CeMuse radio. A mini series leading up to the relaunch of Cemus on Studentradion 98,9. If you are interested in joining CeMuse radio contact us on our…

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Lake Tana Features Archive 

Lake Tana Biosphere Reserve – an approach for sustainable development

Lake Tana is the source of the Blue Nile River and the largest lake in Ethiopia. The lake, with and average 8 m and maximum 14-meter deep lake (Dumont et al. 2009) neighbouring Bahir Dar with strong cultural, ecological and socioeconomic linkage to Lake Tana Region. Therefore it is a lake which has led to a balancing act between humans and nature.   The focus of the article is to address challenges leading to recognition of the Lake Tana Biosphere Reserve. What were the ecological- and social challenges leading up…

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COP 21 Paris UNFCCC Features Archive 

Analysing the Paris Agreement COP21

Analyzing the Paris Agreement     Some may disagree with my conclusions of the COP21 in Paris, but I am an optimist, well, at least an optimist that practices caution.   This weekend saw two major steps in a positive global direction. First, the French Government, almost at the 12th hour and under huge amounts of public pressure, decided to lift state of emergency – which previously banned all forms of public protest and manifestations – to allow the 20,000+ crowd in Paris to legally take to the streets to…

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