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The Lowdown Bitesize News: April 10th

  A lot has been happening over the past few weeks… CeMuse has collected together a few highlights and interesting new pieces… Economics and the Environment can no longer remain separate Last month saw the release of Jeffrey Sachs’ book The Age of Sustainable Development. In this book Sachs speaks out about the need to stop ignoring the truth that our current economic model is unsustainable, and that it is the reason we have crossed the safety zone our “planetary boundaries”. Economic progress needs to be combined with both social and…

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Revolution through a Saxophone

Youngest son of Nigeria’s greatest musician Fella Kuti- Seun Kuti is an individual star in his own right. Fronting his father’s band Egypt 80 Seun follows in his fathers Afrobeat footsteps singing revolutionary music alongside blowing an explosive saxophone. Performing in Bergen in May at Nattjazz festival- definitely one for to watch out for if you find yourself in that neck of the woods. I was lucky enough to meet Seun in London recently for an interview courtesy of SOAS radio station.   He starts the interview confirming his father…

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Confessions of a Cheese-aholic

The time of year has come again… LENT, the 40 days before Easter are (to my knowledge) an infamous period of time where willing (or coerced) peoples traditionally decide to give up something they quite like/ love/ can’t possibly live without. This year, a group of brave souls and I, have decided to go vegan for 40 days! Now, although the routes of this tradition are religious, this challenge has nothing to do with it. Instead, we’re choosing to use these 40 days as a time to reflect on current…

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