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The 21st ascent of the labeled ‘eco- or sustainable fashion’, a movement in favor of environmentally friendly goods, has sprang up across designers, industries and consumers worldwide. Even though it originated as a response to ‘fast fashion’ industry which low- cost and durability garments are largely produced weekly mostly by the world’s 20 largest clothing corporations, ‘eco-fashion’ business model rested on global value chains (GVC) also seems to lead to an overconsumption- pattern and unsustainable society. Thereby, this article intends to make an analogy between ‘fast-fashion’ and ‘eco-fashion’ upon political…

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Confessions and a Cheese-aholic: Is a vegan diet better for the environment?

SO, lent has come to an end, and so has my time as a vegan. It’s been quite tough… mostly because whenever I get tired and hungry and lazy, the only thing I wanted to do was eat cheese… But putting the “falling off the wagon” issue aside, I’ve come across some very interesting food for thought (pun not entirely intended) involving veganism and dietary choices. Being vegan, it seems, is something people pursue for one or more of the following top reasons: Animal cruelty Environmental concerns Health concerns   But…

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