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An Original Drawing by Gabby Winter Climate Action Features New 

An illustration by Gabby Winter “2050: The World is Burning”

The year is 2050 and the world is on fire. Some standards would call this pessimistic, and yet others would perhaps go so far as to call it optimistic. Either way, while the literal fire and even the time scheme may be unlikely, catastrophe and collapse seem more and more likely an end result. This image is the very first one I created using the app Sketches on my iPad. I was experimenting and did not have a plan as I was creating, but just went with it and this…

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1_editedskaalaus Climate Action Lively Air: Tackling air pollution 

Lively Air: Carbon Footprint and Companies

Even though it is the consumer who decides to consume different products and services and is ultimately responsible for the carbon emissions, they alone cannot change the trajectory we are on with climate change. Companies have to give consumers the possibility to choose a climate-friendly option and make it possible for them to change the course. That doesn’t mean that people should stop demanding (with their actions) for change if being climate-friendly is not as easy or convenient as one would like. Once significantly less people purchase products that are…

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15645620_10154815510851565_208483058_n Climate Action Features New 

It’s One Ugly Truth By Sophia Karlsson

It’s an ugly truth being confronted with the fact that many lack the will and belief to pursue and fight for a future they truly believe in.. It strikes me when parents say they want the best for their children and then they give them everything they want. More or less every parent wants their child to be able to succeed in the future; ironically however, by pursuing this end, in many ways, it actually ruins their children’s future. Despite believing that they are doing the right thing, in fact their…

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