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1_editedskaalaus Climate Action Lively Air: Tackling air pollution 

Lively Air: Carbon Footprint and Companies

Even though it is the consumer who decides to consume different products and services and is ultimately responsible for the carbon emissions, they alone cannot change the trajectory we are on with climate change. Companies have to give consumers the possibility to choose a climate-friendly option and make it possible for them to change the course. That doesn’t mean that people should stop demanding (with their actions) for change if being climate-friendly is not as easy or convenient as one would like. Once significantly less people purchase products that are…

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Introducing Lively Air: The Battle for Cleaner Air

Lively Air Lively Air is a company that helps people in polluted cities and creates sustainable solutions to various challenges related to pollution by selling bottled air… To raise awareness, we need to capture the attention of people. In order to do that with little resources, we have come up with an idea that will most likely be very newsworthy and we believe that people want to talk about our company because our product is so unprecedented.   WE WILL SELL AIR AS A SOUVENIR We will begin by selling…

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