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Biofuel Production as a Way of Maintaining our Cornucopia

The use of biofuels is rapidly expanding given the belief that it is more socially and environmentally acceptable than its alternatives. But, is held belief entirely true? Theresé Engwall, CCLiP student 2016, investigates. The importance of being climate smart has been a central part in the climate  discourse within welfare states.  More fuel-effective engines, smaller cars, and more environmentally friendly fuels such as ethanol and biofuel have been developed, permitting us to keep on driving our cars, business as usual, with a cleaner conscience.  All areas of transport are being seen to pursue the…

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Vintage poster for the International Day of Peace with a dove carrying an olive branch. Climate Action Comment & Opinion 

The International Day of Peace, an opportunity to talk about Climate Justice progress

The International Day of Peace, an opportunity to talk about Climate Justice progress, By Pauline Herrero Today, the 21st of September, the United Nations is gathering to celebrate the International Day of Peace where a 24-hour global ceasefire call is made as every year since 2002. On this day, people gather around marches, music festivals, art exhibitions, meditation workshops all around the world to celebrate this special day were weapons are put aside.   But as Ban Ki-moon, the General Secretary of the United Nations, claimed, this is not what…

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Exxon-Mobil Comment & Opinion 

Exxon keep on keeping on

In 2015 a team of journalists from InsideClimate News broke the seal on one of the greatest deceptions in the history of corporations. They unequivocally showed that an organisation had developed clear, substantial and robust evidence that the product they were producing was, or could come to be, the probable cause of unprecedented loss of animal species, habitats, livelihoods, homes, money and human lives. Yet that evidence, which could have proved of enormous value in mitigating, averting, reducing and preparing for what Wangari Maathai described as a matter of “life…

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