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Happy Birthday, Carl von Linne!

Happy birthday to a botanist considered a local hero in Uppsala, Sweden where he received most of his education.  For those of you in Uppsala, we encourage to take a walk through the botanical gardens (pictured above) or stroll down one of the Linnaeus trails.   For readers elsewhere, we recommend a visit to a local park or garden, or, why not plant something to celebrate this day? For more information on Carl von Linne, please visit:   Text based on an idea from Lina Sun Photo credit: E….

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Around the World in 7 Days: A Photo Review

 A quick review of last week via original photos gathered from around the world Pictured above:  design work with a depicting the natural world, Seoul, South Korea (photo credit: Ekaterina Shafray, PhD student at Korea University). Art Circle at Kalmars Nation, Uppsala, Sweden (photo credit: Jude Mathew). Every Sunday, students from Uppsala University meet from 2 to 4 pm to paint, sketch and socialize. In Uppsala, ‘nations’ are student organizations that offer a range of different clubs, organize social events and often have a café or restaurant.   Friday street…

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Off they went! University Delegation Leaves for Climate Talks

On Friday May 12th at 9:36 PM, part of the Uppsala University delegation boarded the train at Uppsala Central Station to begin their 18 hour journey to the climate talks in Bonn, Germany.   When asked how they were feeling, one delegate replied:   ‘Surreal. This is where the big decisions happen, and we get to go in’. Climate groups in Uppsala and interested citizens are eagerly awaiting their reports from Bonn and will be welcoming them back to Uppsala at the end of the week. Pictured (from left):   Louise Audrier, Mirea…

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