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plasticwaste CeMuse Radio Features New 

CeMuse Radio: How do we save the Baltic sea from plastics?

We’ve all heard that plastic waste is bad, but how bad is it? And what is it doing to our own Baltic sea? Our guests this week are Julia, from Race for the Baltic campaign and Alan Atkisson, founder of the Atkisson foundation, that brought the Out to Sea Exhibition to Stockholm at the Tekniska Muset in Stockholm: Together we ask and answer the simple question; what can we do about it? Learn more about the exhibition at:  Learn more about the Race for the Baltic initiative here:

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kollaboratoriet 2 CeMuse Radio Features New 

CeMuse Radio: How do you connect University to Society?

Tune in to the CEMUSE radio show. This week we had the fantastic guests from Kollaboratoriet Uppsala, Lakin Anderson and Sanna Gunnarsson. Along the hosts Dani and Sanaz they explore “How do you make connections between Universities and their surrounding society in new ways?” Why does this even need to happen? To know more about Kollaboratoriet check out:

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church CeMuse Radio Features New 

Uppsala Women’s March and CeMuse: Is climate change just about climate change?

Is climate change just about climate change? We delve in deep into a hard topic today – why does climate change affect some people more than others? Why should climate activists care about a women’s march?Should people work in solidarity? Today we are hosted by Karl, with Laila and Ceasar in the studio and Elektra, our special guest who is the Uppsala Greenpeace representative. We also use a clip from to demonstrate the TITANIC issue of climate change. Is it really about incremental changes, or do we need to…

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