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CeMuse Radio: How do we save the Baltic sea from plastics?

We’ve all heard that plastic waste is bad, but how bad is it? And what is it doing to our own Baltic sea? Our guests this week are Julia, from Race for the Baltic campaign and Alan Atkisson, founder of the Atkisson foundation, that brought the Out to Sea Exhibition to Stockholm at the Tekniska Muset in Stockholm: Together we ask and answer the simple question; what can we do about it? Learn more about the exhibition at:  Learn more about the Race for the Baltic initiative here:

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Can changing the way we eat change the world?

Can changing the way we eat change the world? This is today’s question from CeMuse radio to a local food hub. By taking the middleman – the supermarket – out of the equation, Väktargatan Food Hub connects you directly to small-scale farmers. Thus supporting sustainable production and providing you with fresh, locally produced healthy food, delivered to your neighbourhood. In a wider discussion we reveal what the issues are with our food and our agricultural systems. Want to know more? Find Väktargatan Food Hub on facebook!    

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Can Technology Save Us?

Check out the latest from CeMuse Radio from Studentradion 98,9: Today we talk about green Technology, new platforms for innovation, and what technology even means? Is COAL even clean?! Joined by a very special guest, we have Harry from the Clean Tech Challenge, who most recently co-organised the Hackathon in Uppsala. With host Dani, and joined in the studio by Laila and Izzy, for a great discussion!

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