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Green City CeMuse Radio Features New 

Europe’s Greenest Cities: Vaxjo and Uppsala?

What makes a city green? That’s what we explore in today’s show. We take both the NGO and the Municipal approach to greenness and sustainability and explore the sucesses and challenges to both cities reaching their aspirations. This show is in both Swedish and English. Check it out here:

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church CeMuse Radio Features New 

Uppsala Women’s March and CeMuse: Is climate change just about climate change?

Is climate change just about climate change? We delve in deep into a hard topic today – why does climate change affect some people more than others? Why should climate activists care about a women’s march?Should people work in solidarity? Today we are hosted by Karl, with Laila and Ceasar in the studio and Elektra, our special guest who is the Uppsala Greenpeace representative. We also use a clip from to demonstrate the TITANIC issue of climate change. Is it really about incremental changes, or do we need to…

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vkhfeatured CeMuse Radio Features New 

Can changing the way we eat change the world?

Can changing the way we eat change the world? This is today’s question from CeMuse radio to a local food hub. By taking the middleman – the supermarket – out of the equation, Väktargatan Food Hub connects you directly to small-scale farmers. Thus supporting sustainable production and providing you with fresh, locally produced healthy food, delivered to your neighbourhood. In a wider discussion we reveal what the issues are with our food and our agricultural systems. Want to know more? Find Väktargatan Food Hub on facebook!    

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