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Analysing the Paris Agreement COP21

Analyzing the Paris Agreement     Some may disagree with my conclusions of the COP21 in Paris, but I am an optimist, well, at least an optimist that practices caution.   This weekend saw two major steps in a positive global direction. First, the French Government, almost at the 12th hour and under huge amounts of public pressure, decided to lift state of emergency – which previously banned all forms of public protest and manifestations – to allow the 20,000+ crowd in Paris to legally take to the streets to…

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SOLUTIONS: New African Initiative Launched – Land Restoration Pledge

AFR100: Restoring 100 million hectares of degraded and deforested landscapes in Africa by 2030 and Africa Resilient Landscape Initiative African ministers shared their experiences and results from implementing landscape-level initiatives in their countries. An international perspective on resilient landscapes will be given by WRI and the World Bank.   African leaders announced solid commitments to renting regarding lands in Africa over the next 15 years, hundreds of thousands of hectares of land will be included in the new initiative, in addition to thousands of households being supported by the Resilient Landscape Initiative….

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‘Save Our Oceans': COP21 Paris with the German Ocean Foundation

    Cemuse Meets The German Ocean Foundation in Paris during COP21   Global climate negotiations are underway in Paris, the outcome of which is still uncertain but there are many organisations, civil societies, NGOs, observers and activists who are keen to make their voices heard with the hope of influencing world leaders to agree on a strong climate deal. CeMuse met one such organisation, the German Ocean Foundation (Deutsche Meeresstiftung), whose aim is  to highlight the dangerous impact of climate change on our oceans, seas, rivers and lakes. From plastic…

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