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The orthodoxy of economic research and the need for an alternative by David Mahon

Economic orthodoxy restricts the potential for economic growth that does not harm the environment, and heterodoxy is the only solution for our economic system. Ecological economics is a potential alternative, it offers a way of simultaneously maintaining economic well being and environmental integrity. The Problem: The unhealthy dominance of Orthodox Economics Why is economics so resistant to change? Of all the social sciences, it is economics that has proven most resistant to change. It remains dominated by the thinking and rational of, among others, Smith, Ricardo, Marshall and Keynes. This…

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Is Unlimited and Unquestioned Growth Sustainable? The Problem of Economic Growth

Welcome back to CEMUSE in 2017! Now 2016 was quite a year, there were some substantial political and environmental changes. Trump, Brexit, going over 400 ppm of carbon in the atmosphere. A turbulent year, unprecedented in many regards, lots of changes. But, one thing that hasn’t changed is our monetary system. Our overall approach to money, finance and the economic systems that govern how our countries are run and how are businesses do business has remained similar despite growing economic unbalance and financial uncertainty which came to fruition with things…

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“The Winter of our Discount Tent” – Why are so many tents left after big music festivals such as Glastonbury?

Alon Shaltiel gets out his economic tool box, to unpack why so many tents are abandoned at Glastonbury festival and wonders how far we can rely on the power of economics to understand our actions…

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