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Fossil Fuel Divestment by Elliot Morgan

Fossil Fuel Divestment and the #FossilFree divestment movement is growing in size, stature, and importance. The impact of climate change is one of the biggest challenges to our and future generations wellbeing. There is also a growing pressure on universities often the source of climate science data to stop fuelling the problem and move towards the future. This comes with the great news that St. Andrews university in Scotland has announced that it is divesting from Fossil Fuels. Climate change is one of the biggest challenges to our – and…

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Uncomfortably warm: Professor Doreen Stabinsky and climate change leadership

Doreen Stabinsky is the first recipient of the Zennström professorship in Climate Change Leadership at the University of Uppsala, a ten year initiative set out to, ‘address some of the most challenging questions that climate change poses to humanity’. CeMuse attended her inaugural welcome to the university and professor Stabinsky’s first opportunity to mark the beginning of what is hoped to be a leading position in motivating action, activism, and communication around real climate action within Uppsala university and beyond.     For twenty or so minutes of her opening…

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