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Is Unlimited and Unquestioned Growth Sustainable? The Problem of Economic Growth

Welcome back to CEMUSE in 2017! Now 2016 was quite a year, there were some substantial political and environmental changes. Trump, Brexit, going over 400 ppm of carbon in the atmosphere. A turbulent year, unprecedented in many regards, lots of changes. But, one thing that hasn’t changed is our monetary system. Our overall approach to money, finance and the economic systems that govern how our countries are run and how are businesses do business has remained similar despite growing economic unbalance and financial uncertainty which came to fruition with things…

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Limits to Growth author Professor Dennis Meadows: Technology alone won’t save us

This week, organised by The Baltic University Programme, CSD Uppsala and Uppsala University, internationally renowned Professor David Meadows, co-author of Limits to Growth and former director of MIT “Club of Rome”, came to Uppsala to give a lecture concerning the myth of technology and sustainable development. Professor Meadows stands in stark contrast to the voices which herald technology as the answer to the colossal environmental issues the planet is facing. With a strong technology background – a PhD from MIT, Tenure as a Professor of Engineering, a Chemistry Masters -…

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