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Analysing the Paris Agreement COP21

Analyzing the Paris Agreement     Some may disagree with my conclusions of the COP21 in Paris, but I am an optimist, well, at least an optimist that practices caution.   This weekend saw two major steps in a positive global direction. First, the French Government, almost at the 12th hour and under huge amounts of public pressure, decided to lift state of emergency – which previously banned all forms of public protest and manifestations – to allow the 20,000+ crowd in Paris to legally take to the streets to…

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CEMUSE Goes to COP21 Paris: Your Events guide

A Short, Sweet, to the point article.. CEMUSE is going to Paris COP21!                       We will be attending some COP21 Paris events as well as checking out the TONNES of other climate action activity on offer. From street art installations, to late evening ‘sustainable’ light shows, music concerts and talks with ‘household’ climate- justice names such as Naomi Klein, Bill McKibben and Vandana Shiva – Paris is shaping up to be THE Enviromental marathon of the past decade.    Just…

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