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Akis Palamidis So-founder of Gastronaut Features New Local Projects 

Launching integration in Sweden with Gastronaut By Cathy Xiao Chen

A new food app launched in Stockholm in January this year. It began with the idea of breaking down the barriers that prevent everyday people from making their home cooked meals available to the public. Stockholm Food Movement at Impact Hub Stockholm saw Co-founders Akis Palamidis and Shu Wei share with us the story that brought their business to life. Working in Stockholm, Shu became incredibly frustrated with the lack of authentic Chinese food that was available. Being heavily involved with supply chain operations and business strategy with Ericsson for…

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Biofuels: Food vs Fuel Comment & Opinion Features New 

Biofuel Production as a Way of Maintaining our Cornucopia

The use of biofuels is rapidly expanding given the belief that it is more socially and environmentally acceptable than its alternatives. But, is held belief entirely true? Theresé Engwall, CCLiP student 2016, investigates. The importance of being climate smart has been a central part in the climate  discourse within welfare states.  More fuel-effective engines, smaller cars, and more environmentally friendly fuels such as ethanol and biofuel have been developed, permitting us to keep on driving our cars, business as usual, with a cleaner conscience.  All areas of transport are being seen to pursue the…

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