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CeMuse Radio: How do you connect University to Society?

Tune in to the CEMUSE radio show. This week we had the fantastic guests from Kollaboratoriet Uppsala, Lakin Anderson and Sanna Gunnarsson. Along the hosts Dani and Sanaz they explore “How do you make connections between Universities and their surrounding society in new ways?” Why does this even need to happen? To know more about Kollaboratoriet check out:

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Global Divestment day: Uppsala Speaks!

This weekend saw thousands of people around the world join together, to make one big statement: DIVEST FROM FOSSIL FUELS.   The divestment ‘fossil-free campaign’, spearheaded by the guys down at, looks toward promoting the ‘beginning of the end’ of our dependency on fossil fuels by advocating the withdrawal and suspension of investments into the industry.   By current economic law, investment into a company demands a return greater than the initial input; therefore the company in which you invest must grow to create this return. Thus, by investing…

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